Technology has made it easier to reach out to your customers than ever before, and harder to connect with them ever before!

In a world where people are more “connected” than ever, often on multiple devices, you can reach them while they’re driving, on vacation, or even having a baby!

But are you building a true connection? Or, just making it onto their black list of businesses they will never do business with, because you interrupted that special video moment, with a spammy generalized message that didn’t relate to their interests?

The solution to your problem is more psychological, than a technological, but we’re going to make you a master of combining a clear understanding of how the consumer mind works, and how to utilize the right technology, to position your products, services, and company in their hearts and minds, with deep, positive connection that will grow your audience, your customer base, and your bottom line!

What Information You’ll get:

  • How to Access The World’s Most Connected Billionaire’s Rolodex to Reach any Consumer You Want to!
  • How to Communicate + Connect on a Meaningful Level With Millions of Raving Fans!
  • How to Build & Capitalize on Trust to Establish “The Oprah Effect” in Your Own Life!
  • How to Find + Choose Venture Partners Who do All The Work, While You Get Paid!
  • How to Build an Automation Machine, to Work 24/7 so You Don’t Have to!
  • The Exact Efforts You Need to Focus on For Just 40 Minutes/Week, to Make it All Work!!!

Social Ads

Access Billions of Consumers on Tap!


Capture Info/Build Assets

Build Value

Establish Trust by Giving Genuine Value

Affiliate Recommendations

Earn Commissions Burden Free

Social Media

Expand Reach & Follow Through Via SM

Utilize Technology to Amplify Best Practices in Relationship Building & Connecting


6:00-7:00 Commit Your Schedule

Reverse Engineering Your 40 Minute Work Week

We’ll start by exploring affiliate products, relationships, strategies. By the end of this module you’ll know who you want to work with/promote, and exactly what kind of persona, social media, emails, funnel, + ads you will need to create.

Persona Development

You will outline your character and content that will be presented to the world to build your audience and report with said audience.

Copywriting Secrets

Learn & practice the secret formula’s to effective email marketing & subliminal sales copy + plan your first email marketing campaign relevant to the affiliate product you’ve chosen.

Funnel Formulas/Tools

You’ll choose the funnel you want to build, & begin editing a pre-made template for that funnel.

Digital Ads

You’ll learn how to setup digital ads on the most popular networks.

Free Traffic

How to build compounding assets to generate FREE, organic traffic to your funnel.

The 40 Minute Secret!

The exact strategy to accomplish 40 hours worth of work in just 40 Minutes/Week!

Complete 1 Month Emails

Today, you’ll write the 8 vital emails that need to be sent out to your subscribers in the first month.

Social Media Accounts

Before we build out your automated income machine, we need to setup your social media accounts, so you can link to them from your emails & the 3 specific points in your funnel proven to generate massive gains in your conversions!

Funnel Completion

Complete your funnel, set up integrations, connect domain…

Testing + Soft Launch

Today we’ll build your test group by inviting strategic groups from target demographics, to try your course for free, in exchange for their feedback & testimonials to refine your product & build social proof.

Implement Feedback/Create Social Proof Content

Refine your product based on the feedback you receive & create strategic content for your funnel & social media, to establish social proof for your program and influencer account.

Drive Traffic

By now you may have already earned affiliate commissions from your test group, but now it’s time to turn things on and really start driving new traffic to expand your system & automate your growth & earnings!

Split Testing

You’ll learn how to split test every step of your funnel to maximize conversions earning more money with less effort.

Retargeting Traffic

How to retarget prospects for increased conversions and engagement.



Literally Priceless!!!

In The 40MWW I give away information + insights I have gained by spending thousands of dollars on training, software, ads, & costly mistakes so you don’t have to. All it costs you is your time and attention, which it will return in spades, giving your more time + income to focus on what matters most in your life!

Early Access

Many marketing experts charge $25K-$100K/Year for inner circle access, but they started just like I am now… for FREE to a small group of early adaptors who got lifetime access and relationships with those influencers, before they started charging everyone else, the really big bucks!

Time is Money or Regret

You’ve always heard that time is money, but it can also be regret. My goal is to make sure it’s not both for you. There are those who spent all their time making money, and die regretting the time they missed with loved ones. There are those who die regretting the experiences & quality of life they missed with loved ones, because they couldn’t afford it.

Together, you & I can eliminate regrets, & establish generational wealth to enjoy while we’re here, & leave behind when we go!


$997 PRICE-LESS ($0.00) FREE!

What's The Catch???

I’m going to teach you -by example- how to make a fantastic income from affiliate products only! Why? Because by eliminating your own product, or cost of a product, you also eliminate almost all the burdens, liabilities, headaches, refunds, etc. that often make entrepreneurs feel like slaves to their business, instead of business owners.

Every aspect of the 40 Minute Work Week has been meticulously optimized, to trim the fat, remove all unnecessary burdens, & completely replace an average 40 hour income, in just 40 minutes of dedicated, consistent, & focused attention!

How do I get paid then? Simply by showing you the tools and strategies which make this reality possible, with whom I have arranged affiliate agreements in every case I am able, & recommended others simply because they are the best recommendation.

That is exactly what I will teach you to do as well.

What you’ll get for FREE:

  • 3 Full Funnel Templates
  • My Most Effective Email Campaign Outlines
  • Social Media Ads Templates
  • My 9 Most Hypnotic Headline Templates
  • My #1 Engagement Secret to Skyrocket The Value of Your List
  • Psycho Hacks (Proven Mind Control Techniques so Powerful They’re Banned in Most Prisons, Many Industries & Some Entire Countries)!

Available for additional cost:

You Don’t Have to Sell Your Own Products, But You Certainly Can!

  • Turn Key, Business-in-a-Box Weight Loss Funnel/Coaching Business
  • Turn Key, Business-in-a-Box Fulfillment on Demand eCommerce Apparel Shop
  • Completely Done For You (DFY) Cloned 40MWW Affiliate System

Join The 40 Minute Work Week Today & Start Replacing Your Full Time Income Tomorrow!!!